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Game Cursor Changer
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1Download and install with default options. YoloMouse should now be running as indicated by icon on your taskbar.
2Launch a game that uses a mouse cursor (not an FPS with reticle).
3Get to the part of the game where you see the cursor you want to change.
4Hit CTRL ALT 1 (up to 9) to change that cursor. Hit same hotkey again to cycle through more cursors
5Most games have multiple cursors that change according to their context. Repeat steps 3-4 for each cursor you wish to change.
ResetTo reset a cursor to the game default hit CTRL ALT 0.
ResizeTo decrease or increase cursor size use CTRL ALT - or +. Decrease completely to use curor's default size.
CTRL ALT 1-9Change active game cursor. Repeat to change color.
CTRL ALT 0Reset current cursor to the game's default
CTRL ALT - or +Decrease or increase cursor size.
System Tray Menu
When you click that icon on your taskbar
AboutShows YoloMouse version.
ErrorsShow any errors. If YM fails copy paste this to me :)
Games OnlyYolomouse will attempt to ignore non-game apps.
Start with WindowsControls how YoloMouse starts with your system.
Run as AdministratorRestarts YoloMouse with administrator privileges.
Open settings folderOpens folder containing YM and game settings files.
Add Your Own Cursors
1Collect your .CUR or .ANI files and rename them to numbers between 0 and 89 (Example: 12.ANI).
2Copy them to YoloMouse\Cursors.
3Restart yolomouse.
4Test using CTRL ALT #... 1 for files 0-9, 2 for files 10-19, etc.
Some videos may not reflect
latest version of YM.